InvestCluj shall be a company with responsible and ethically aware employees. If you experience that InvestCluj conduct its business in ways that do not comply with applicable laws or general ethical standards, or if you are aware that InvestCluj is exposed to fraud from customers or others, please notify us. By blowing the whistle, you may help InvestCluj do the right things the right ways.

InvestCluj must not contribute to businesses and projects that entail an unacceptable risk of us being complicit in unethical acts or omissions. Violations of fundamental humanitarian principles and human rights, corruption and harm to the environment are examples of this. InvestCluj shall be a driving force for good ethical attitudes on the part of our customers, suppliers and other partners.

Principles of good business practice governing InvestCluj’s activity and target groups

1st principle: Avoid harm/damage: Businesses must avoid contributing to corruption, violation of human rights, poor working conditions or making harmful impact on consumers, local communities and the environment, both within their own operations and through business relationships.

2nd principle: Responsible approach: Businesses shall have a responsible approach to the principles of good business practice through conducting due diligence and through stakeholder engagement. Businesses shall use relevant global standards and best practice as a basis, as well as implementing measures for continuous improvement.

Basic guidelines for evaluation of businesses

To be eligible for services from InvestCluj, it is expected that companies satisfy a minimum requirement for good business practice. This does not mean that everything has to be perfect, but that the customer demonstrates the will and ability to make improvements in line with relevant principles and guidelines and best practice in its sector.

Customers must keep within the provisions of the Penal Code with regard to corruption and other financial crimes. In addition, InvestCluj expects customers to have and use ethical guidelines and anti-corruption programmes adapted to size, business type and risk.