Joining the French Embassy in Bucharest on circular economy

Following our ethical commitment to principles of good business practices (, we decided to support the French Embassy in Romania’s initiative in raising awareness on and in preparing for the transition to a circular economy during the Transylvanian European Encounters (“Rencontres européennes de Transylvanie”) (15-16 April 2019, Cluj-Napoca/ Romania).

The concept of circular economy defines a set of measures designed to overcome the so-called "linear economy" paradigm and to make the transition to resource-efficient production and consumption patterns that respect the environment and seek to improve the welfare of people. This economic model is based on considerations that require recycling, repair and reuse of products already used to give them a second life.

We believe that organizing such an event will open up opportunities for entities that will be represented on the spot around a theme that is still little known to the general public and for which there are now interesting opportunities.

Our commitment in raising awareness will take the shape of online posts and articles, case studies, about the circular economy starting today till the end of April. You will get to read about what it is? why is important? who is doing what? why should you get involved ? And why should your company be pro-active?

For those present in Cluj, here’s how to get involved. At the Transylvanian European Encounters:

- exchange good practices and network with the participants around the theme of territorial development during the conferences and seminars

- work with others on projects related to issues of ecological transition faced by local private and public decision-makers. Students and academics, representatives of NGOs and companies, and even representatives of local institutions will be there. Multidisciplinary is something we really want to put forward during this event. Subscribe here for the hackathon.

Be part of a network of actors from different fields of expertise that care for issues of circular economy.




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