1st Romanian hackathon on circular economy

Our journey with Rencontres européennes de Transylvanie ended this year with the jury of the hackathon on the circular economy.

Joining the French Embassy in Bucharest on this project opened the door for us to learn more about this topics, which we did alongside our readers. For almost a month we posted daily on social media about the circular economy, helping raise awareness on topic :

what it is

why is important

how companies can get invovled

examples of companies that embraced the concept

what other countries do on circular economy

Mentored by experts on sustainable development invited by the French Embassy in Bucharest and the French Institut in Cluj-Napoca, the 7 teams participating in the hackathon worked for 24 hours on projects that afterwards were presented to the jury composed by:

- Mihaela Dobroiu, InvestCluj
- Gabriel Hirlav, Institutul pentru Cercetări în Economie Circulară şi Mediu “Ernest Lupan”
- Radu Iuhas, Risky Business - #withus
- Ciprian Sorlea, Nordlogic

At the end of the day, everyone wants the right project to win, but selecting the winner can be difficult. Following a criteria that was given to the jury by the organisers, the winning project was designated to be the app "ReServe" facilitating the use of reusable containers for the delivered food system. You can read more about the winning project here: https://blog.cluj.info/…/un-sistem-de-recipiente-refolosi…/…
Congratulations to the winning team: Istvan BORZAS, Monica BUCA, Camille CLEUZIOU, Anamaria GEORGESCU, Ancuta-Maria ION, Rita PISTA, Alexandra-Irina PINTICAN, Ioana Daniel TANASE

Great ideas turned up in the form of other amazing projects. Among the ones that were presented:

AD Biogas @Cluj - Upgrading the Local Integrated Waste Management Centers by Adding Anaerobic Digestion Capacities

Recycled - 3D printing using plastic waste

Re:Sourcify App - transforming waste in products to sell

IAmACircle Festival - educating on circular economy

.......the winning project decided to be the app "ReServe", which facilitates the use of reusable containers for food delivery

We warmly congratulate all the participants on their determination in working 24 hours straight to bring project to life, and their courage to publicly presenting their work, especially when in the knowledge that there's only a 1 in 7 chance of winning.

Our journey as partners of RET2019 and members of the jury was one of learning, alongside our readers and participants at the hackathon. We continue to promote ethical business and here is why: http://clujconsulting.ro/who-we-are/ethical-commitment

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