About us

InvestCluj is a private consultancy company governed by a board of directors, all experienced business people and opinion leaders in their fields. At InvestCluj we bring together business communities, municipal and diplomatic representatives as well as top service providers, in order to benefit companies interested in establishing a presence in Cluj. We do this by assisting and advising companies on project implementation through integrated and professional business support.



Mihaela Katerina DOBROIU


High performer profile with more than 10 years of experience from Trainer to various management and Director positions, Katerina understands the sensibilities and complexity of dealing with diversified business processes, cultures and acumen.

Expertise: Leadership, Management, Boards, Strategy, Sales & Negotiations, Conflict resolution

Smaranda IGNAT


With a background in HR Management, Business Administration, Project Management, Business Development and Sales, Smaranda brings a unique blend, that enables her to project a multi focal perspective on businesses.

Expertise: Business development & new opportunities, HR Management, Recruitment & Selection in hospitality



With more than 13 years of experience, Alin is the Founder and Managing Partner of LLA - Attorneys at Law. An entrepreneur himself, he is known for his strategic mind, speculative intelligence and constant preoccupation for innovation.

Expertise: Corporate&Commercial, Real Estate and Construction, Taxation, IT matters



With more than 20 years of experience in tax and finances, Dan is the General Manager of MDM GROUP


Expertise: financial audit, accounting, tax consulting and financial consultancy

Heraldist & Wondermarks


The agency has been co-founded by senior advertising professionals with 15 to 30 years of international experience, leading creative development, brand strategy and client service management for companies such as BBDO, McCann, Ogilvy, Publicis, Mars Inc., British Airways, Telekom and The Coca-Cola Company. The Cluj-based creative agency has the most experienced team of experts in Transylvania and it is the first Romanian-based agency to open new offices in Europe and the USA

Expertise: strategic brand development, marketing communications and innovation



Organizational Psychologist as academic training and Human Resources Consultant as professional experience, Darius brings over 9 years of experience in the most competitive HR companies in the industry that turned him into an excellent management team consultant, a coach and an ingenious Head-Hunter.

Currently, Darius is the Head of Human Resources Services at BDO OUTSOURCING SERVICES

Expertise: Head Hunting, Recruitment & Selection, Temporary Work, Payroll & HR Admin, Outsourcing



Experienced Director, an entrepreneur in France and Romania with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry, Marc can help you grow your company in Romania.

Expertise: Partnerships & subcontractors network creation, Acquisition of companies, Transition management, Business development with direct & indirect sales



One of the leaders of the Romanian insurance market, the group has a history of over 100 years in France. For their clients, private individuals, SME and corporations they offer a wide variety of products and services that address all insurance needs. Your InvestCluj advisers:  Ms. Roxana Parauan/ roxana.parauan@groupama.ro/ 0748-298554 and Ms. Cristina Burja/ cristina.burja@groupama.ro

Expertise: insurance for buildings and goods, for employees, car insurance, commercial credit insurance, collateral insurance, SME insurance, etc.

Sebastian FLORIAN


An entrepreneur with a tech background, with a broad experience, ranging from Managing Director of a web agency, Co-Founder and Product Manager of two tech startups and founder of two online media platforms (Cluj.info and StartupsnTheCity.com).

Expertise: content marketing, digital marketing



13 years of experience in helping companies expending abroad through strategic consulting on implementation and development. 400 client companies assisted in Romania, Bulgaria, France and South Africa. Founder of AB CONSEIL ET DEVELOPPEMENT SAS – International consulting company. Ana-Maria speaks French, English, Bulgarian, Spanish and Italian.


The North-west region is full of assets but it needs people to spread the word! It is by communicating on the positive apects of our region that we can increase its attractiveness. Through their activities and relationships, our Brand Ambassadors relay all information relating to the region and InvestCluj while identifing and tracing any development opportunities for the region. They help make the visual world of the InvestCluj brand known by actively participating in social media and by contributing to the development of the network of brand ambassadors. If you feel inspired to become one, don't hesitate to contact us. We need people motivated to contribute to the development of our region.



Mr. Widell came to Cluj in 2004 to build a business.

Over the past 14 years, he has not only created a company supporting jobs for hundreds of people in the community but has contributed to supporting civil society, youth and more.

Bogdan HEREA

FOUNDER & CEO PitechPlus

As one of the most recognized francophone figures from Cluj, Bogdan has a lot in common with InvestCluj. Returning to Romania from 13 years living in France with a pressing desire to innovate, in 2006 he founded his own IT company, PitechPlus, and became an entrepreneur.



InvestCluj shall be a company with responsible and ethically aware employees. If you experience that InvestCluj conduct its business in ways that do not comply with applicable laws or general ethical standards, or if you are aware that InvestCluj is exposed to fraud from customers or others, please notify us. By blowing the whistle, you may help InvestCluj do the right things the right ways.

InvestCluj must not contribute to businesses and projects that entail an unacceptable risk of us being complicit in unethical acts or omissions. Violations of fundamental humanitarian principles and human rights, corruption and harm to the environment are examples of this. InvestCluj shall be a driving force for good ethical attitudes on the part of our customers, suppliers and other partners.

Principles of good business practice governing InvestCluj’s activity and target groups

1st principle: Avoid harm/damage: Businesses must avoid contributing to corruption, violation of human rights, poor working conditions or making harmful impact on consumers, local communities and the environment, both within their own operations and through business relationships.

2nd principle: Responsible approach: Businesses shall have a responsible approach to the principles of good business practice through conducting due diligence and through stakeholder engagement. Businesses shall use relevant global standards and best practice as a basis, as well as implementing measures for continuous improvement.

Basic guidelines for evaluation of businesses

To be eligible for services from InvestCluj, it is expected that companies satisfy a minimum requirement for good business practice. This does not mean that everything has to be perfect, but that the customer demonstrates the will and ability to make improvements in line with relevant principles and guidelines and best practice in its sector.

Customers must keep within the provisions of the Penal Code with regard to corruption and other financial crimes. In addition, InvestCluj expects customers to have and use ethical guidelines and anti-corruption programmes adapted to size, business type and risk.